A native Texan with over fourteen books in her repertoire, J.R. Martin, lives on a Texas ranch where the midnight oil is often burned as the characters in her books take on a life of their own. She loves being a wordsmith. Through the characters in her books, she travels the world and enjoys the adventures and intrigue the fictional characters impart.

“I’ve seen the world through the eyes of my characters, whom I love. When I have to kill one off it breaks my heart.” Martin says.

The past year has been a productive one, with the beginning of the series, “Geovanni Legends.” The novels follow the generational line of Giuseppe Geovanni, from Palermo, Sicily, who is a model for the legacy that follows through the generations.

“The Fourth Element” is the beginning of the series. “One True North”, “When Love Dies”,  “Silent Footprints”,  "Dearly Beloved" and "The Conspiracy, followed.  The eBooks are available exclusively on Amazon’s Kindle.

In between the novel series, “Language of Tears” and "Under the Devil's Belly: A Tale Retold", a novel about the justice system in America and how easily our freedoms can be lost in a court room, were written and are also available as eBooks.

The biography, “In the Valley of the Shadow,” is a story of a woman and her addictions to drugs, alcohol and men and the pitfalls that occur on her road to redemption. It’s available through Tate Publishing as well as Amazon and Target. The audio of this book will also be available soon.  The story is being pitched by agent Katie King to a movie producer.

J.R.'s first Children's Book, Granpas Are Such Nice People, recently released.  This marked J.R.'s first foray into illustrating as well.  Her next Children's Book, Jag, will be releasing soon.

So, stay saddled up and get ready as J.R.’s whirlwind ride of words continues.

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