Enjoy excerpts from some of J.R.'s latest books.

The Dark Side of Tomorrow

Ivan thought, How I wish I was lying there next to you my sweet Eve; dead to the world and dead to the pain living brings.

In The Valley of The Shadow

“After Anne Marie’s break up with Lance, her life went from bad to worse. She would wake up next to men she didn’t know, in places she couldn’t remember. The situations were dangerous and only by the grace of God did someone not kill her.”

“Sobriety was new to Anne Marie. She didn’t know if she was going to be able to remain that way. Often she would wonder if she even wanted to try and stay sober. Reality was much harder to accept than the elusive world of drugs and alcohol. Satan, the liar, would tell her to have just a little drink that it would help take the edge off.”

“The old ex-marine counselor advised her. “It’s time to quit blaming your father for the choices you have made. You belong to the state of Texas. You are a criminal.”

Grandpas Are Such Nice People

Grandpas come in all shapes and sizes,
some tall, some short and some just there
when a need arises.

Grandpas know where butterflies hide,
they know how high is up and how wide is wide.
Grandpa's know how to fly a kite
and to teach you how to ride a bike.

The Fourth Element

“Giuseppe Geovani believed there were four elements in life, just four things that set the course for one’s existence. The four elements were: Birth, Life, Death and then Eternity. Just like that, just that simple and in that order. “

“Suddenly Benito snapped the blade in place and made a lunge for Giuseppe. Giuseppe felt the blade make a hot sticky landing soundly on his soft belly. Grabbing his stomach with one hand Giuseppe was able to get off one blow. He threw his hand out towards Benito’s throat with every ounce of strength he had. The blow landed squarely on Benito’s Adams apple and he fell backwards gasping for air. Giuseppe fell to the ground holding the wound in his belly. Blood was gushing between his fingers.”

One True North

“Giuseppe Luigi Geovanni’s legacy lives on through his son, grandson, great grandson and one great granddaughter. “One True North,” is a continuation about the lives of the Geovanni’s as portrayed in the book, “The 4th Element.” Trace their footprints on the sands of time as you see their lives at their finest and at their worse, leading straight to the human heart. “

“As he reached in his pocket for the car keys he heard a noise behind him. He turned, all he saw was a raised arm and then everything went black. Gabe Jr. lay unconscious, in a pool of blood on Mt. Saini’s hospital parking lot.”

“David watched as she walked away and he thought his heart would break right then and there. Is it worth losing the girl I think I love? He thought. Why couldn’t I have met her before we both were so involved in other things? Is there really anything that is more important than love in life? God, please protect her and keep her safe for me. Provide us a way to be together. Then he turned and went to his barracks.”

When Love Dies

Blue didn’t hear the footsteps that followed her into the barn, but Rinney did. Suddenly, the dog went into a wild frenzy and Blue turned to see what he was so upset about. The last thing she remembered, as blackness engulfed her, was feeling a sharp needle drive deep into her neck and hearing Rinney yelp with pain.  

Silent Footprints

Bella stood alone in the misty night and watched the taillights of the pickup grow dim as Bud drove away. He’s such a good soul, she thought. Since Blue and Travis are gone he has become my happiest hello, and my saddest goodbye.

He knew all too well how the walls could talk and the sounds of silence from those you loved could be so loud your heart felt as though it would break. He knew that feeling well.

The Conspiracy

“Right there is where they grabbed me. They chloroformed me Jib, that’s how they got me under control so easily. But, what’s strange is how easy it was to get away from them. But, I did lose four days, so maybe they thought I was so bad off I couldn’t possibly escape.” Anita said.

Laughing to herself she thought, might have been less paper work if I’d just killed him.

The Cook and The Horse Doctor

“Texas Jezebel sauce”
18 Oz. pineapple preserves - 19 oz. Apple jelly - 5 oz. horseradish
1 T. cracked peppercorns - 1 T. dry mustard
Mix preserves and jelly until blended. Add remaining ingredients and stir until all area blended together. I like to add a little red food coloring to give a pretty pink color. Blend well. Put in container of your choice and refrigerate. This will keep a long time in refrigerator. Excellent on meats, cream cheese for dips, etc. how it got its name is evident as it goes in smooth and you feel the kick of the horseradish before it goes down. One of my favorites.

“One Liners:”
“Love is like a bluebird, meant always to be free.”  by J.R. Martin
“Be with wise men and become wise. Be with evil men and become evil.” Proverbs 12:20

Old Thyme Remedies:
Mustard Plaster
For coughs and tightness in the chest. Good to ward off pneumonia. Mix: ¼ c. dry mustard with enough water to form a smooth spreadable paste. Take a piece of flannel (old flannel sheets or shirt work well for this) and cut a 12” square. Cut another piece this size, only this time double it. On first piece of flannel spread mustard mixture evenly over entire piece of cloth. Now, lay this piece of flannel between the doubled flannel pieces. Warm by the fire until cloth is warm and put on chest that has been covered with another thick piece of flannel. (Not too thick-you want the heat of the mustard to be able to draw.) Cover with another piece of flannel and pin to nightshirt. Keep chest warm. This mustard plaster could burn the skin so if patient shows severe discomfort; put another layer of flannel against chest. (This was Mom’s favorite treatment. I smelled like a hot dog for days.)

The Horse Doctors Recipes and Treatment For livestock:”
Second lesson on LIVE HORSE
“Internal Diseases, Their causes, diagnosis and Treatment,” by Dr. Wm. Martin
Before beginning an explanation of any disease, I now lay you the foundation by which you must be governed invariable. You remember I taught you to be governed by the pulse exclusively in treating internal diseases. The normal condition of your horse’s pulse is thirty-six beats per minute; that is, when he is in healthy condition. Never begin to give your horse medicine for any disease until the pulse is beating fifty per minute, because you must give nature time to do her work; nature and disease work against each other, nature to build up the system, disease to tear down ad bring about death. You must bear in mind that medicine alone never cured a brute or human, but only assists nature to effect a cure. I have long since found by observation that there are more stock killed by administration of too much slop called medicine by some ignoramus who don’t know what he is doing that would die were they left entirely alone and let nature take her course. I find it necessary to physic only about one-tenth of the many sick stock I am called to see, for simply the reason just given.

Prescriptions for Livestock:

Note: The following diseases, “Bellows,” “thick Wind: and “Heaves,” are mostly dreaded in buying and trading. This disease is sometimes called “wind broken.” It is caused by becoming overheated by hard driving, which causes a rupture of the air cells in the lungs, thus we have the disease. No cure at all for this disease. You must remember what I taught you in lesson on live horse regarding these last four, as I can’t lay it down here for you to understand. You detect this disease externally the sides going in and out like a bellows, but you can’t detect it this way if he has been given anything  “to patch him up,” as jockeys call it. But if you only put your ear against his breast you may detect this at any time; you will hear a rattling, harsh sound. This is an invariable sign; if you hear this you may be sure he is bellowed.
P.S. If you want to cheat and defraud someone, I here give you a remedy to patch up a horse with this disease:
Oil of tar-------2 oz. Extract of lobelia------1 oz. Water-------2 oz.
Mix and give at one dose every morning for three times. Keep your horse still while treating. Now, this will keep it from showing on him for four days, (will give you time to get him off) after which it will be the same as before. Give no dry food.

Under The Devil's Belly

“If you appeal this case and lose, I will send you directly to the state penitentiary. Do you understand me?” The Judge asked. Tom didn’t nod yes or no. He just stood looking the judge straight in the eye. Tom knew exactly what he intended to do, but he was not sharing that information now.

Christmas Eve morning broke clear and cold. Snow flurries were falling intermediately and the wind was blowing. Tom thought of those on a drilling rig this morning and thought how cold they had to be. An oil well was a cruel mistress, she never gave a break for the weather or for a man’s exhaustion. She demanded attention until the well was done and the black gold flowed. He chuckled to himself and thought; at least I’m not on a drilling rig today.

Judge Vandergrief inhaled the cigar smoke and slowly blew it out. Damn it, he thought. I should have stifled this the day Helen Hilburn came to my office. Damn it. Even if she claimed that he was the one that had propositioned her that day, no one would believe her over him. Or would they? She is powerful, he thought. She reminds me of a leopard, she may look beautiful, but she, like the leopard, cannot change her spots. And she never can change the fact, she is a high dollar whore.

He rose from his chair and walked to the window. He looked at the falling rain drops streaking a path down the window pane. To him it looked as though the night sky was crying, begging him for justice. He put out his cigar, swallowed the last of the bourbon and went upstairs to bed, hopeful the nightmares would not return tonight.

Flower Mound

Flower Mound, Texas is located south of Denton and northwest of Dallas in the south central part of Denton County. It is about four miles north of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). A combination of residential, farm, and ranch land, the city covers 43.4 square miles, or a little over 27,776 acres. It is bordered on the south by Lake Grapevine. The community that eventually became the city of Flower Mound was established sometime around 1844-1845. It was on the edge of the Holford Prairie and some of the settlers had been part of the Peters Colony.

Flower Mound received its name from a mound that rose 50 feet above the flat black land prairie. It served as a landmark for those who lived and died in the community. In the spring it was covered with what one resident, Eva Knight Elmore, said were “beautiful purple flowers.” Like the prairie land, tall grasses grew on The Mound along with the wild flowers. The Mound is located on the north side of FM 3040 just before it crosses FM 2499

Tioga and Collinsville

Texas has 254 Counties and Grayson County is home to Tioga and Collinsville, Each of these sister cities has its own municipal government, school district and post office. They are different in many ways, yet they share one thing; bloodlines. Many current and past residents in each town have kinfolk in the other town. Why did these two towns in Texas, only seven miles apart, decide it was better to be independent of each other? Though there is not a definitive answer, it seems that folks of Tioga were headstrong to remain as is and though Tioga has struggled in recent years it is on a comeback. Gene Autry, singing star and of silver screen fame, was born outside city limits of this country town and Randy Travis of country music fame, now calls Tioga home, as do several outstanding physicians.

Collinsville, located six miles north on Highway 377, also has its own municipal government, school district and post office It has been more successful in maintaining and adding population growth. Since its inception, the school district has maintained all grades required to graduate . Both towns support active schools and churches.
Collinsville was once named Toad Suck.

Tioga was originally comprised of two towns; one named Alma the other San Diego.

Language of Tears

“God speaks and understands the language of tears. It’s a language that cannot be taught, but one that everyone, man, woman, or child, instantly understands. This novella tells the tale of five mothers, each one having one son, who loses his battle for life. How that loss is dealt with by mothers of four different races, what they go through and finally the conclusion each mother independently has to make in order to go on living, after their horrific loss. Their stories are told with feeling and compassion by a mother’s heart.

After reading the book you will never again observe, or be a part of tears, without a deeper understanding of this universal language.

Life After the Hangover

Alcoholism/Sin or Sickness?

Bill Martin lived twenty-five years in the hell of alcoholism. He tells of his tormented dark side and those who were touched by it. He shares the night he believes good and evil fought at the foot of his bed for his very soul. It seems miraculous that his salvation took place in Egypt, where so many other lost souls had wandered aimlessly. Then the glorious victory when he met Jesus in the shifting sands of the Sinai desert while standing on a drilling rig as the hot winds blew away his money and his pride in the land of Moses.

Sin or sickness, Jesus can and will heal you, provided you ask.