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The Trials and Tribulations of Besse Buemiller Vol I

Follow Deputy Bessie Buemiller and her K9 partner, Max as they patrol the back roads of Hawkshaw County, Texas. A journey of laughter awaits as you travel alongside these two adventurous lawmen. Uh, lawwomen? Uh, lawwoman and a Standard French Poodle Dog. This book is dedicated to all those that wear a badge and it is the author's hope you get a laugh or two.

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The Trials and Tribulations of Besse Buemiller Vol II

The second book in the Bessie Buemiller series: Follow Bessie and Max as they capture bank robbers, dope peddlers and lady's of the night, on their nightly patrol of Hawkshaw County, Texas. Enjoy Max as Bessie instructs him to take on a lawbreaker while wearing ribbons in his hair and smelling like French perfume.

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Dark Side of Tomorrow

Ivan Bennet is a Scotland Yard Detective. When his wife is murdered before his eyes, he becomes fixated on finding her murderer. At times, Ivan thinks he must be losing his mind or that he is cursed, as people around him continue to die.

Ivan's adventure leads from the Whitechapel District in London, where a copycat of Jack the Ripper, is running wild, to the Hospital for the Criminally Insane, where his old nemesis is confined.

He learns that there are others involved and that there are events at motion, far beyond he ever imagined.

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Life After the Hangover

“Life after the Hangover” is an autobiography of J.R.’s husband, Bill. Before his death he dictated the story to her and after he died, she put it in book form and had it published. Bill was a recovering alcoholic, and at his death and for the last twenty years of his life, a devout warrior for the Lord.

He backs up everything he believed with verses from the bible that give his thoughts and belief’s power. He believed that alcoholism was not a sickness, but a sin. This book brings a powerful message of redemption and hope to the struggling addict.

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In The Valley of The Shadow

In The Valley of The Shadow

“In the Valley of the Shadow” is a biography of a young woman whose life was in shambles. She was an alcoholic, drug addict, engaged in sexual perversion and was lost in the mire an muck of addiction. At five years old she was molested by her father. That molestation lasted until she was fourteen.

He set the course for the next thirty years of her life during which she acquired four felonies, sickness, and ridicule. Not until she got in an ex-marine counseling sessions did he force her to see that she, alone, had made all the choices. Join Anne Marie as she journeys the long road back to redemption.

The 4th Element

The Fourth Element

“The Fourth Element” the first in a series by Martin. It is a Christian/ Historical fiction novel about Giuseppe Luigi Geovanni, born in Palermo, Sicily. You will meet the entire Geovanni family as their lives unfold in America.

Giuseppe’s belief in the Trinity and his quest to prove Heaven and Hell exist to his grandson set a course of excitement and adventure. Giuseppe’s travels back to Europe as a soldier and there he hears of an old acquaintance, Bonita Mussolini who he had not seen or heard from since boarding school in Rhome.

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One True North

“One True North” is a sequel to “The Fourth Element.” It continues the family linage of Giuseppe Geovanni encompassing five generations that spread from Palermo, Sicily to Manhattan, New York.

His grandson, Gabe Jr. a famous and successful neuro-surgeon, still thinks his grandfather’s God is a fairy tale. Gabe’s daughter, Bella, is a Chinook helicopter pilot and one of the first women to be allowed at the battle front in the Gulf War, “Operation Desert Storm.

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When Love Dies

This is the third in a series of sequels, portraying the Giuseppe Geovanni family. "The Fourth Element," followed by, "One True North," to this the latest, "When Love Dies." This sequel portrays the life of Chrystal Blue Mullins, the great, great, granddaughter of Giuseppe Geovanni.

Following her parents lead, Blue's love of flying takes her on many adventures, in many countries, as a CIA Clandestine Operative. From Antarctica to Budapest, to Iraq, to the Pyramids of Egypt and beyond. Her love for adventure, leads her further and further into the world of espionage, as she goes deeper and deeper into the underworld of Al-Qaeda. No encounter seems too big to be challenged as Blue rockets through life at the speed of sound, constantly seeking the next adrenaline high. Her grandfather's genes as well as his brilliant mind, has passed from generation to generation, from war to war and from love to love.

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Silent Footprints

This is the fourth in a series of novels, portraying the Giuseppe Geovanni family. “The Fourth Element,” followed by, “One True North,” followed by, “When Love Dies,” to this, the latest, “Silent Footprints.” Never more evident is the Patriarch Giuseppe Geovanni’s, dreams, determination and love for adventure as well as his brilliant mind made more clear, than in “Silent Footprints.”

“When Love Dies,” left Blue Mullins Cummings, an ex CIA Clandestine Operative and Giuseppe’s great, great granddaughter, kidnapped by Al-Qaeda operatives. In payment for the lives Blue and her CIA agent partner, Tom Hayes, took in Budapest, Hungary and Paris, France, the Al-Qaeda operatives are determined to take her life as they did her partners. But first, they want her to suffer.

Under the mantle of newly fallen snow on a Texas Ranch, in broad open daylight, the operatives kidnap Blue and kill her dog, Rinney. Their motive for payback was never more clear than leaving the dog lying dead in the drive and the only clue to Blue’s whereabouts are their silent footprints in the snow.

Unbeknownst to the Al-Qaeda operatives, Blue is pregnant. A fact she is determined to keep to herself for as long as she can, because she fears they will purposely harm her baby. Blue’s husband Bud, her Momma Bella and Stepdad Travis, are devastated by their loss. Bud and Travis load their weapons and prepare for war as Bella flies to Washington to speak with the CIA about obtaining their help in finding Blue and obtaining her freedom. They have no way of knowing Blue received a severe blow to her head and was left for dead. The blow resulted in Blue having total amnesia. When she woke she didn’t know who or where she was.

As the search for Blue magnifies, Bella, Bud and Travis, are up to their necks in danger, conspiracy and intrigue as their quest leads down a dusty road, in a foreign country, where nothing is as it seems and death is an everyday occurrence.

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Dearly Beloved

Bella's reputation as an agent with the CIA, and her flying ability, gained her the job as one of the pilots of Air Force One, the presidential plane. One of the trips taken by the President entailed his visit to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. While there Bella saw her daughter, and the grandchild she had never seen, as they rode by the base with a tribe of Nomads.

The Nomads had found Blue wandering, alone and lost in the desert. A midwife in the tribe had delivered Blue's baby and offered shelter and food which Blue gladly accepted as she had no memory of who she was or where she belonged. She wandered four years with the Nomads desperately trying to regain her memory, before Bella found her.

The reunion was made and mother and daughter and new grandson were united in the shifting sands of the desert. Bella was given Presidential favor and allowed to bring Blue and her grandson, Jibril, home to Texas and to Blue's husband, Bud. That's where we begin our next journey.

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The Conspiracy

"The Conspiracy" is the sixth and final episode in the Geovanni Legends series. Following “Dearly Beloved,” we are at the sixth generation of Giuseppe Geovanni.

Jib Cummings, son of Blue and Bud Cummings and his wife Anita Bridges are Texas Rangers. The other great, great, great Grandson of Giuseppe, Cole Geovanni and his wife Genevieve Bovie, are Interpol agents. Together, the four Law Officers’ uncover a conspiracy that will threaten the United States and a dangerous liaison is formed between two countries, France and the United States.

When we left Jib and Anita they have gone back to the Texas ranch for Anita to recuperate from the wounds she received in a shootout in “Dearly Beloved.”

Cole and Genevieve have gone back to Lyon, France and reported to Interpol to get their next assignment. That’s where we find the four as our next adventure begins.

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Under The Devils Belly

Our courts of law, though not perfect, usually carry justice to the extent it was intended. In the case of Tom Shackleford, however, there was a great miscarriage of justice. A vindictive but beautiful woman, Helen Hilburn, whose mind was warped and twisted, caused the lives of Tom and Louise Shackleford and their families, to be scared forever.

A district attorney whose lust for power and recognition forced him to take a case he should have dismissed. A district judge who's lust for Helen Hilburn, caused him to misuse his power and toss the oath he swore to carry justice for all, to the wind. The tentacles of the “blood suckers,” spread and touched the lives of many common people and left them shaken and never again, to believe in the judicial system.

The book hosts many people who literally sold their souls to the devil and you cannot read, “Under the Devil’s Belly,” without a shiver going down the spine. The book, with disturbing clairvoyance, reveals how easily, America’s precious freedoms are too often taken for granted and lost in the courts.

Tom Shackleford endured the pain of losing his freedom of free enterprise. Should such a thing happen in real life, America’s freedoms would not only be tested, but, evil infiltration would be at the door waiting to rape the populace with the lust of the devil himself.

The characters in the book are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The law it is based on, is true.

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Flower Mound: Images of America

“Flower Mound” is an authentic history of a town in Texas, published by Arcadia Publishing in their “Images of America,” series. The book covers the history of Flower Mound, Texas from the 1850’s to the 1960’s with pictures and true accounts of a place in the prairie that grew up to be a large city.

It gives account of real families, their homes and beliefs. It is symbolic of pioneers and their determination to make a better way of life for them and their families. It covers history of colorful residents that once called the open prairie home.

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Tioga and Collinsville: Images of America

“Tioga-Collinsville” is another book published by Arcadia Publishing in their, “Images of America,” series. It tells the tale of two small towns in Texas, separated by only eight miles but bound together by blood relations. J.R. is the co-author of this particular book. This is the only co-authorship in her repertoire.

The book covers about one hundred years of history. The hardships and the sacrifice of pioneers, willing to take on the awesome job of building a town, come to life in this historical and accurate account. And Tioga-Collinsville have their own accounts of colorful characters that once called these places home. 

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Language of Tears

The Language of Tears

“Language of Tears” is another, historical/Christian fiction about the lives of five different mothers and how they deal with the loss of their child. The book gives hope and inspiration to those who have, or know someone that has, suffered that great loss.

It deals with the day that God cried, something often forgot, or not thought about by most.  The book shows “The Language of Tears,” is a universal language spoken and understood by everyone worldwide. It’s a language that cannot be taught.

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The Cook and the Horse Doctor

“The Cook and The Horse Doctor” is a book of recipes for body and soul. A cookbook of old tyme recipes, some of which have long been forgot, compiled in a cookbook that also can be enjoyed by just reading the one liners, some are original and some from the greatest book of one liners ever written, the book of Proverbs.

The Horse Doctor’s part is a compilation of horse remedies and recipes for livestock dating back to the 1800’s. by a transitory veterinarian, Wm. (Bill) Martin. The pamphlets are left, untouched, exactly as he wrote them and passed out at his lectures.


Grandpas Are Such Nice People

Grandpas Are Such Nice People was written and the illustrations were created with love and appreciation for all Grandpas, worldwide.

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